We stock a diverse offering of pipe tobacco in tins and pouches. The well known and not so well known. Looking for a particular or hard to find brand or blend?  Give us a call.  Perhaps we stock it or can track it down for you.  We may just have what your are looking for.  

Norman Rockwell




This tin is filled with a rich, traditional, American burley blend with notes of cocoa that has a mellow sweetness.









50 gram tin





Cask No 12



Wish notes of caramal and vanilla, cask 12 presents a balanced mix of Virginia leaf and toasted black Cavendish for a delightfully sweet smoke.








3.5 ounce tin





4Th Generation


Small Batch




Aged Carlolinian mahogany and lemon flue-cured /virginias are narried with top-tier Orientals from Turkey and Greece. With a hazelnut topnote.




2 oz tin



Captain Earle's

Mystic Blend



Nine separate tobaccos are blended in a harmony so perfect only a true Mystic's touch could have concocted this medium bodied English masterpiece. Named in honor of the Mystic Seaport, Ct., present day berth of the Charles W. Morgan.



2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0022





A golden virginia, black cavendish, and burley leaf to lend this blend a smooth base, which is then topped with a modest amount of cherry flavor.








50 gram tin





Erik Stokkebye

4th Generation 1882 Founder's

A tribute to the Stokkebye family tobacco business that began in 1882, this ribbon-cut blend comprises Latakia, Orientals, mature Virginias, and full-bodied Burley.


50 gram tin

Item No. 1808VTT0010



Captain Earle's

Diamond Head



An all natural stoved blend of Red Virginias, mild Cavendish, Turkish and Perique tobaccos pressed in an old fashioned Crumble Cake. Named in memory of Capt. Earle's wife Honor Matthews, a native of New Zealand whom he wed during one of his ports of call to Diamond Head in Hawaii.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0021


John Bull

A blend of Cyprian Latakia, flue-cured tobaccos, nutty Burely, and black Cavendish make up the John Bull tobacco blend that is also smooth and great for all day enjoyment.







1.5 ounce pouch







This blend begins with quality Virginia and Black Cavendish tobaccos that are infused with essences of exotic fruit, costly Bourbon vanilla from the island of Madagascar, and bourbon extracts and then hit with just a dash of Hawaiian honey.


50 gram tin

Item No. 1808VTT0008



East India Trading

Royal Challenge

Royal challenge is a blend of red and golden Virginias with smooth black cavendish with a delightful rum flavor that is enhanced by sweet spices.







50 gram tin





Eileen's Dream

Inspired by CAO's flavorful Eileen's Dream Cigarillos, this blend begins with a base of quality Virginia and Black Cavendish leaf and then infuses the same with a frothed cream that's been laced with superior Irish whiskey and coconut milk, followed by a subtle mixture of hazelnut paste, ground almonds, cocoa and vanilla extracts.


50 gram tin

Item No. 1808VTT0007



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