Lane was originally founded in Dresden, Germany in 1890. Then, as today, the company specialized in the highest quality pipe and roll-your-own cigarette tobaccos. Herman G. Lane, one of the founder’s grandsons, immigrated to the United States in 1938 and re-established the company in Manhattan. Lane Ltd. pipe tobaccos were manufactured at 25 Beekman St. in New York City until 1983. In 1983 the production facilities were moved to Tucker, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta.

Balkan Sasieni

Blended by Peter Stokebye this mixture of Latakia, Macedonian Orientals, and gold and re Virginias delivers a full and luxurious smoke reminicient of blends created in London at the turn of the century.


1.75 ounce tin

Item No. 1808LLT0016


This Cohiba is a blend of golden Virginia and steamed black Cavendish with a subtle, complimentary top note that creates a very pleasant room note, and a flavor that enchances the natural tobacco taste, rather than sublimating it.


1.75 ounce tin


Blood Red moon

This is a dark and rich blend of fire-cured Cavendish, Bright Virginias, and Burleys heady with aromas of Royal Ann Cherry and dark chocolate, offering a delightfully smooth smoke.


50 gram tin

Medal of Valor

 A true mixture of both loose cut and cross cut Virginia, Burely, and hints of Oriental and Perique, with a heavy presence of carefully selected Latakia. As the Medal of Valor honors bravery, this is our way of honoring the true English blend.


1.75 ounce tin

Item No. 1808LLT0012

Crown Achievement


The rarest most costly mixture composed of the finest Virginia, Mahalla, Dubac and Mountain Leaf Latakia.


1.75 ounce tin


Stanwell Melange

This is a broken flake, aromatic pipe tobacco, features Black Cavendish, toasted Burley, Orientals, and Bright Virginias, elevated by a mixture of apricot and vanilla sweetness. 







1.75 ounce tin

W.O. Larsen 1864

Named for the tobacconists founding date. W.O. Larsen 1864 Perfect Mixture comprises specially selected Virginia tobaccos from three continents with fermented Black Cavendish and high quality Burley from the United States, Malawi, and Mexico. Flavored with hints of amaretto and coffee supported by notes of chocolate, orange, and whiskey. 

100 gram tin



A rich and robust pipe blend like its' namesake cigar. A full-flaverd blend comprised of Cyrian Latakia and Sweet Virginias, and Orientals enhancing the Latakia.  This blend delivers a real punch of an English blend.



1.75 ounce tin

Item No. 1808LLT0008


Navy De Lux


Escudo Navy De Lux is a popular classic curly style, large coin cut Perique and Virginia blend.


1.75 ounce tin

Item No. 1808LLT0009



Erinmore Flake is a top drawer Virginia select leaf sourced from the finest growing regions of the world.  It is then topped with a proprietary secret recipe and pressure aged to meld the flavors.  This fine cake is then thin sliced and packaged. A cool, clean burning tobacco with a mild room note and medium strength smoke.


1.75 ounce tin

Item No. 1808LLT0004



Erinmore Mixture is a carefully guarded secret blend which is passed down to only two people each generation.  What is know is that it contains naturally sweetened Virginia blended with cool smoking black cavendish producing a slow burning easy cool smoke with unique flavor and a distinctive room note.


1.75 ounce tin

Item No. 1808LLT0005


Golden Sliced

This delightful blend is composed of golden and full bodied Virginia tobaccos with a touch of Burley.  A fine natural sweetness in taste and aroma characterizes Orlik Golden Sliced.  The cut is traditional Nave Cut Flake i.e. pressed tobacco and cut into sides..  Rub the tobacco slices gently before filling your pipe.


1.75 ounce tin

Item No. 1808LLT0002

Captain Black


Loose Cut Rich Black Cavendish tobaccos, steamed to seal in the flavor and character of the leaf. To this, mellow Burleys and Golden Virginias are added for mildness and depth of flavor.  A sweet taste with hints of vanilla. Delightfully aromatic.


1.5 ounce pouch

Item No. 1808LLT0018

Captain Black


Captain Black Gold is the lightest in flavor of the series. It is a straight golden Virginia Cavendish with a light and smooth aroma and taste that is never overwhelming. The cut helps it to pack perfectly and stay lit easily, and it mixes well with other tobaccos.


7 ounce can

Item No. 1808LLT0019

Captain Black


Royal is a Loose Cut aromatic black and golden cavendish, exceptionally mild, and delightfully aromatic.


i1.5 ounce pouch

Item No. 1808LLT0017

Captain Black


Captain Black Gold is the lightest in flavor of the series. It is a straight golden Virginia Cavendish with a light and smooth aroma and taste that is never overwhelming. The cut helps it to pack perfectly and stay lit easily, and it mixes well with other tobaccos.


1.5 ounce pouch

Item No. 1808LLT0013


Victory Luxury

For Lane Limited's Foundry, excellent Virginias join sweet black cavendish, burley, and smoky latakia, making for a delicious, classically English mixture.


1.75 ounce tin

Item No. 1808LLT0019

Sir Walter Raleigh


Sir Walter Raleigh Regular is a cross-cut tobacco made with rich but mellow Burley. Popular since 1927, this is definitely an all-day type of blend with a pleasant aroma, and good, solid tobacco flavor. There are hints of anise and molasses in the taste, but the primary notes are chocolate and nuts which come from the Burley itself.


i1.5 ounce pouch

Item No. 1808LLT0014

Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic

Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic is a long-time American favorite blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos, that are enhanced by the addition of three fine liqueurs from around the world. It has a pleasant room note and a mellow, slightly-sweet flavor that can be enjoyed all day long.


1.5 ounce pouch

Item No. 1808LLT0015

Lane Limited

Ready Rubbed

For years , smokers revered the dark blue tin and pouch of Edgeworth Ready Rubbed, widely considered one of the smoothest Burley blends ever.Toward the end of its run it was made by Lane Limited, and Lane production was acclaimed, but Lane the right to use the name. Due to huge demand, Lane brought back this blend under the new name Lane Ready Rubbed. But alas it is no longer in production again. We were lucky to be able to buy some before they went off the market again.


14 ounce can



Velvet is entirely comprised of sun-ripened Burley, topped with hints of liqueur for a sweet and smooth smoke marked by notes of anise and nuts and a delicious room note.


1.75 ounce pouch

Half and Half


A ribbon-cut aromatic mixture, comprising Burley and Virginias flavored with hints of anise and other spices.




1.50 ounce pouch


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