Since 1876, the Savinelli name has been associated with highest standard Italian pipe making; harmonizing imagination and good taste, and balancing form with style. Their series of premium pipe tobacco blends reflect this same commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction


Giubileo d' Oro

A blend of U.S. and Brazilian Virginias with Cyprian latakia.  Nice and smooth with a mildly sweet note in addition to an overall smokey and woodsey flavor.


50 gram tin

Item No. 1808SPT0004


Doblone d'Oro


The choicest Virginias, Burleys and dark fired Kenyan leaf are enhanced with an impeccable addition of spicy Perique, then aged to perfection before being spun into enticingly beautiful, zesty coins. A delightfully vivacious and flavorful smoke.


50 gram tin

Item No. 1808SPT0005

Savinelli 140th



Commemorating 140 years of pipe making tradition, Savinelli's 140th Anniversary Blend is an elegant mixture of red and bright Virginias, spiced with Orientals and choice dark-fired leaf from Italy, and infused with subtle notes of citrus and wildflowers for a unique and satisfying smoke.

The dark-fired used in this blend is a staple in Italian cigar production, and is all grown and double-fermented on a singular farm in the Tuscan Tiber Valley region of Italy— a location recognized for its history and tradition of tobacco cultivation dating back to the 17th century.


100 gram tin

Item No. 1808SPT0010

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