We have on offer a few select pipes in our inventory, which are no longer available as the companies that produced them have sadly gone to the wayside.  They are all in new unsmoked condition.  These pipes offer an opportunity to own a fine vintage pipe and a piece of history



Length: 5.625 in./158 mm.
Weight: 1.6 oz./38.6 g.
Bowl Height: 1.75 in./50.1 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.5 in./43 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.75 in./18.2 mm.

Outside Diameter: 0.0 in./35.0 mm.
Stem Material: Lucite
Filter: None
Shape: Straight Biliard
Finish:  Rusticated & Smooth

Item No. 1808STW0001

Savinelli Product

626 Standing

Length: 5.5 in./136.0 mm.
Weight: 1.5 oz./39.1 g.
Bowl Height: 1.875 in./42.1 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.5 in./37.2 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.75 in./19.0 mm.

Outside Diameter: 0.0 in./37.5 mm.
Stem Material: Lucite
Filter: None
Shape: Bent Biliard Sitter
Finish: Rusticated

Item No. 1808SAVP0001


Algonquin 247

Length: 5.83 in./148.08 mm.
Weight: 1.50 oz./42.52 g.
Bowl Height: 1.95 in./49.53 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.67 in./42.42 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.77 in./19.56 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.50 in./38.10 mm.
Stem Material: Vulcanite
Filter: Maple Inserts
Shape: Bent Dublin
Finish: Smooth

Item No. 1808BRG0001


Billiard 202

Length: 5.76 in./146.30 mm.
Weight: 1.12 oz./31.75 g.
Bowl Height: 1.65 in./41.91 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.31 in./33.27 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.78 in./19.81 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.29 in./32.77 mm.
Stem Material: n/a
Filter: None
Shape: Billiard
Finish: Smooth

Item No. 1808BRG0002


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