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Our increasing selection of Hand Blended Bulk Pipe Tobaccos is an ongoing effort to better serve the pipe smoker in a world of ever shrinking brick and mortar retailers.  We hand blend each of our proprietary mixtures to offer you the upmost in smoking pleasure.  We now offer Cornell & Diehl tobaccos in bulk.

All our bulk pipe mixtures are available by mail order. We ship worldwide.  Call 310.823.5831 or Email us today!

 Bulk Tobaccos

When Craig and Patty Tarler bought and loaded the remnants of an old pipe tobacco company into a van and drove it off in 1992, all they had were a few pounds of tobacco, some recipes, some flavorings, and a handful of accounts. They couldn’t have known that their newly christened company, Cornell & Diehl, would grow into the dynamic tobacco manufacturer it is today, with distribution in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Spain...the list keeps expanding.



         Autum             Evening  

Cornell & Diehls' proprietary red Virginia Cavendish is lightly cased with a delicate maple flavor for one unique, and widely popular aromatic blend. The smoker will appreciate the taste of fine Virginias while those around will flock to the warm, inviting fragrance. 


      Billy Bud              

Hand Blended in Small Batches.  A Heavy Latakia Blend With Rough-cut Burley, Bright Virginia Flake, And a Good Amount Of Rough-cut Cigar Leaf. Created for Our Late Friend
Sailorman Jack.

  Nutty  Irishman

Hand Blended in the Carolinas.  A unique blend, combining the heavenly hazelnut flavor of Frangelico and honeyed, aromatic spice of Irish Mist, in a delightfully satisfying manner.



Luxury Navy Flake


A pressed and sliced blend of mature old belt, flue-cured Virginias paired with a pinch Louisiana Perique. This flake cut is best smoked rubbed out and offers a medium-bodied, slightly spicy, non-aromatic experience.


    California     Gold


A Blend Comprised of Dark Cavendish and Burley with a Hint of Latakia.  A pleasant and easy smoke that delivers a little something extra.
Blended in House by
Manuel Romero




        Area 51                   


           A Top Secret

        “Needs to Know”

blend garnered from an

Unnamed Source within Paradise Ranch.  Rumored to contain Golden Virginia, Black Cavendish, Burley a touch of Vanilla and perhaps some Maryland leaf.

     Wilshire       Blend 


A blend favored by the Tinder Box; consisting of Burley and Black Cavendish Mixture, Sweet Virginia Leaf, and Golden Virginia with a Hint of unsweetened Vanilla.

    T T Special         


A Tobacco Trader House Blend consisting of Bright Flake, Red Virginia, Kwntucky Burley, Cube Cut, Cypress Latakia, and Perique.  Very unique.



Black and Danish Cavendish laced with Vanilla, Finished with a Dark Louisiana Perique for a Mild Yet Flavorful Smoke.



A secret flavoring recipe
blended from Burley & Black Cavedish, Sweet

Virginia Leaf, Golden Virginia, flavored with a
a hint of Vanilla and Chocolate.  Producing a
aromatic blend.



Try this blend for a change of pace.  A mild cavendish laced with gentle flavour of ammaretto.


Natural Cavendish


Natural Cavendish is a
blend of aged American
Burleys and flue-cured
Virginias.It’sexceptionally smooth and mellow on its own, but works well to blend with other tobaccos



A robust english style blend.  Rich in latakia, turkish and matured virgina.  This is our most full bodied blend.


       Virgina       #1

Naturally Aromatic

Carefully Selected for its’
Natural Sugars, this
Virginia Ready Rubbed
Leaf Makes for a Cool,
Slightly Sweet Smoke.


Black Cherry


A Subtle Cherry Flavor is Applied to a Toasted Cavendish and then Blended with Bright Cavendish and Virginia Leaf fot Added Sweetness

Black Cordial


A Blend of Four Fire Cured Black Cavendish Cuts with Highlights of Sweet Virginia Topped with a Rich Yet Mild Plum Liqeur.





Burley Light

Naturally Aromatic

A Natural Blend of 100% Burley Long Cut for a Pleasant Taste and Soft Aroma.  Burley Light - No Bite!





Buttered Rum


A Subtle Mixture of Buttered New England and Jamaican Rums.  This Cavendish-Style Blend of Golden Virgina and White Burley Produces a Captivating Aroma




A blend of finest quality burly and virgina featuring the unmistakable flavour and aroma of champagne.  Very smooth and fragrant.



Peter Stokkebye



Golden Virginia, Black Cavendish and Burley Tobaccos Blended with a Hint of Unsweetened Vanilla.



Compass Rose


Burley, Golden Virginia
and Black Cavendish
Flavored with Vanilla
and Chocolate, Produces
a Mild Aromatic Blend.


Peter Stokkebye

French Vanilla


Flue-Cured and Loose-Cut
Cavendish is used to Absorb more than Twice the Normal amount of Vanilla Extract that Sweetens this Blend


Golden Virginia


The Finest Matured
Golden Virginia.
A Natural Aromatic
that can be Enjoyed
Straight or used as a
Blending Base


        Gulf         Stream


A Secret Flavoring
Recipe Expertly Blended
to a Burley and Black
Cavendish Mixture which
Produces a Nougat and
Vanilla Aromatic when
Topped with a Sweet
Virginia Leaf.

MIdnight Watch


Fire-cured Black Cavendish
with Hints of
Vanilla and Honey
Makes for an
Exceptionally Mild
and Smooth Taste.


       Mild         Cherry


Burley and Virginia
Leaf Blended with
European Cherry-
Infused Dutch
Cavendish, Mellowed
with Black Cavendish.



       Old          English

Non Aromatic

Virgina Black Cavendish,
Burley and Latakia Married with a Bright Virginia Long Cut for a Superior English Blend.




Peaches & Creme


Pure Peach Flavor
Added to Flue-cured
Cavendish is Married to
a Creme-infused Mild
Burley to Produce this
Delectably Aromatic Blend.

   Proper    English

Non Aromatic

The Most Latakia of
English Blends, Topped
with Virginia and Oriental Leaf for a Classic Combination.



Royal Chocolate


Burley, Golden Cavendish
and Sweet Virginia
Flavored with the Rich Sweet Nib of the Cacao Bean of  South America



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