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 Zen Rolling Machines

Zen rollers are made from high density acrylic, which is up to 3 times stronger than the Chinese copies, making the Zen roller very sturdy.  The branded apron or sleeve is made from a non stretch vinyl, ensuring the apron won't stretch over time.

 Gizeh Rolling Machines

The Gizeh metal hand roller is the classic in our rolling machine range. The robust metal rolling machine is easy to use and the special rod mechanism ensures perfect roll-ups

  • For filters with diameter of 8 mm
  • For paper length up to 68 mm

       Raw Rolling       Mats

Roll any size smoke up to 110mm with the RAW Natural Bamboo Rolling Mat.

     Premier Quickfill     Cigarette Machine

The hand held Premier Quickfill Cigarette Injector Machine will make both king size and 100's cigarettes. It's smaller size makes it nice and portable so you can easily take it with you on the go

 Rizla Rolling Machines

The king size roller will take any papers up to 100mm and will comfortably sit in your coat pocket or tobacco pouch.  The premier king size rolling machine has a snap shut mechanism which is very easy to use for rolling your own cigarettes.

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