Since its genesis, C&D has emphasized quality over convenience to create blends unlike any other tobacco on the market. In the early years, the company focused on English blends rather than the "over-the-counter" American Virginia and Burley-based tobaccos of the era.

Today, we here at Cornell & Diehl keep that same tradition alive. From classic blends to mixtures that employ innovative processes like our C&D red Virginia Cavendish, you won't have to search for long to find a handcrafted, lifetime favorite.

Small Batch

Sun Bear


A blend of fine red and bright Virginias balanced by Basma leaf from 2014 and Izmir Orientals from 2013, Sun Bear commends itself with subtle notes of South Carolina garden-grown honey from the personal beehives of Jeremy Reeves, head blender of Cornell & Diehl.
The natural honey complements the subtle drizzling of silver tequila and Elderflower for a natural, refined tasting tobacco with an underlying, swashbuckling boldness. Sun Bear is a unique experience for the connoisseur who appreciates a dance of flavor components dominated by quality Virginias.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0026

Sea Dog


A cache of dark Burley enriched by a bounty of bright Virginia flake, black Cavendish, Turkish leaf, and hearty Cyprian Latakia, Sea Dog is sure to keep you on an even keel when you're caught in the doldrums.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0024


Red Flake

A blend of the finest North Carolina grown red Virginias, Carolina Red Flake is our tribute to the Old Belt. Taken straight from Carolina soil, these top-tiered Virginias are all grown, thrashed, blended, and then lovingly pressed and carefully sliced right here in the heart of old tobacco


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0016



A spicy blend of cigar leaf and other choice tobaccos, we hope this Cellar Series blend will line your cellar much as its namesake fabric once did the streets of New Orleans.

Estimated peak: 7-10 years.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0020

Pirate Kake


A smooth, robust blend with LOTS (75%!) of exceptional Latakia accompanied by Turkish and Burley. A Latakia lover's treasure.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0003



A fleet of bright Virginias sets sail with C&D's Privateer, stocked with black Cavendish, dark Burley, and a small cache of Latakia for a rich, complex journey.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0019

Nutty Irishman


A unique blend, combining the heavenly hazelnut flavor of Frangelico and honeyed, aromatic spice of Irish Mist, in a delightfully satisfying manner.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0001

Kajun Kake


We start with naturally sweet red Virginias and add just the right touch of everyone's favorite Cajun spice, Louisiana Perique. Then we press it into an old fashioned crumble cake which deepens and marries the flavors!


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0012



Choice 2003 vintage, Eastern North Carolina red Virginias crown this jewel.  Accented by sweet bright leaf and rounded by small-leafed Katerini, Bijou is married with a hint of honey before being pressed and sliced into delicate flakes. 


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0015



Cornell & Diehl's proprietary Red Virginia Cavendish is lightly cased with a delicate maple flavor for one unique, and widely popular aromatic blend. The smoker will appreciate the taste of fine Virginias while those around will flock to the warm, inviting fragrance.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0014



A blend of Viginias and Burleys, with a dash of Deer Tongue for a vanilla-like sweetness and a smidge of Perique for spice, this mellifluous mixture is so fragrant that Grandma always kept a few bowls around as potpourri to make her favorite beaus feel right at home when they came calling.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0017

Briar Fox


An exceptionally smooth mixture of Virginias and Burley, and the personal blend of well-known Danish pipe maker, the late Peter Heeschen. Pressed into an old fashioned crumble cake.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0009

Star of the East Flake

One of C&D's best selling blends in flake form. 50% Latakia, Turkish and red Virginia. make up this classic blend.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0002

Star of the East 


Starting with a base of 50% Latakia, with a generous portion of Turkish leaf and sweetened with stoved red Virginia, this is a full bodied blend, as well as a long time favorite of our customers.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0027

Carolina Red Flake W/Perique

Cornell & Diehl created Carolina Red Flake as a tribute to the Old Belt, to the traditional harvesting and processing of Carolina tobacco straight from Carolina soil. Building on that tradition, the blending house now introduces Carolina Red Flake with Perique, elevating equal measures of stoved and unstoved red Virginias from 2018 with a generous portion of genuine, 18-year-old St. James Perique.  Flavor balances pepper and spice with undertones of port wine, stone fruits, and citrus.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0023

Cornell & Diehl

Small Batch



Merging the Old World with the New, Sansepolcro is a very special entry into the Small Batch project — carefully blended from unique, Italian dark-fired leaf and some of the finest red Virginias from North Carolina.


Aromatically spicy with earthy, clove-like undertones, this Italian dark-fired leaf is grown in the Sansepolcro region of Italy, which boasts a history and tradition of tobacco cultivation to the 17th century. Combined with mellow citrus and bread-like notes of the reds, it makes for a wonderful melange of flavors and aromas — at once both familiar and exotic.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0025

Captain Earle's Private Stock

A blend of eight select tobaccos highlighted by rich Latakia and deep Red Virginia. Stoved and pressed into a Crumble Cake, Private Stock is the perfect all day smoke for connoisseurs of rich and fascinatingly complex English blends.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0005

Captain Earle's Stimulus Package

Capt. Earle's Stimulus Package is a true delight for the Latakia lover! Rich and full-bodied, Stimulus Package is pressed to deliver a perfectly balanced blend to the true aficionado of full English blends.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0006

Captain Earle's Diamond Head

An all natural stoved blend of Red Virginias, mild Cavendish, Turkish and Perique tobaccos pressed in an old fashioned Crumble Cake. Named in memory of Capt. Earle's wife Honor Matthews, a native of New Zealand whom he wed during one of his ports of call to Diamond Head in Hawaii.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0021

Captain Earle's Mystic Blend

Nine separate tobaccos are blended in a harmony so perfect only a true Mystic's touch could have concocted this medium bodied English masterpiece. Named in honor of the Mystic Seaport, Ct., present day berth of the Charles W. Morgan.



2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0022

Captain Earle's 

Ten Russians

Ten Russians is a true delight for lovers of Latakia. Rich and full-bodied, Ten Russians is pressed to deliver a perfectly balanced blend to the true aficionado of full English tobaccos. Inspired by the true story of Capt. Earle's rescue of ten Russians marooned in a sampan in the Sea of Japan.


2 ounce tin

Item No. 1808CDT0011

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